Head Office

Asynchrone bvba

Vroentestraat 20
3320 Hoegaarden


Contacting Asynchrone

Contacting us by email


For more specific email addresses, allowing you to get to the right person straight away, see the following list.

Visit our official website

Asynchrone's official website is: Our website has a contact page.

Asynchrone also owns the following domain names.

Contacting us by phone

You can reach Asynchrone on: +32 (16) 84 54 08.

We don't use a fax machine any more.

Company registration and VAT number

Asynchrone bvba (Asynchrone sprl in French) is registered in Belgium with VAT number: BE 0533 706 470.



Our invoices are in Dutch as Asynchrone is located in Flanders, Belgium. However, upon request we can also provide you the invoice in either English or French. For international customers, we will always send the Dutch version plus the English or French version.


Asynchrone's invoices can be paid on our ING bank account: BE81 6528 4499 0324.

Terms and Conditions

Below are our terms and conditions as they appear on our invoices. Please note that our terms and conditions in Dutch are the official ones as Asynchrone's head office is in Flanders, Belgium. The translations in English and French are provided for the customers convenience only.

The invoice must be paid, unless specified otherwise, within 14 days after the invoice date. Payments after this date will result, by law and without notice, in interest equal to 10%, plus -also by law and without notice- an additional 10% on the invoice total -with a minimum of 25 Euro- as damages clause.

In case of disputes, only the courts within the jurisdiction of our head office are authorized, unless the law compulsory specifies differently.

  • Our terms and conditions in Dutch
  • Our terms and conditions in French

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