Coding your DevOps and CI/CD

Asynchrone provides services for coding your DevOps and Continuous Integration and Development. Asynchrone uses a combination of Gradle, Groovy and Docker along with products as Git(Lab), Jenkins and Nexus to do so. Asynchrone is active in the middleware world and can help with API's. Asynchrone provides very specific web development using the static site generator JBake and Thymeleaf.

DevOps + CI/CD

Asynchrone delivers continuous integration and deployment using DevOps principles and tools. With tools as Jenkins, Nexus, Groovy and Gradle, developers can code instead of worrying about production releases.

Gradle Automation

Gradle is the most powerful tool to automate tasks. Use Gradle to validate, build, publish and deploy your code. Script the task once and let the server run your it over and over again.

Groovy Development

Groovy can be used to create shell scripts, applications, API's and more. It runs on any machine that can run a Java Virtual Machine. Java developers feel at home writing Groovy code.

Docker Deployment

Containers have overwhelmed the server room as they provide an easy way to virtualize and scale your applications in the cloud. Asynchrone is specialized in creating your Docker images.

API Connectivity

Connect your applications using API's communicating over REST+JSON or SOAP+XML. Develop against API's and your applications will work together today and in the future.

Static Site Generation

JBake and Thymeleaf make a strong combination to generate static websites and blogs. JBake runs on Java, Thymeleaf is XML based. A natural extension to Asynchrone's long experience.